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SDA Elementary School Renovation

The Power of Education

We at Change the World of One wholeheartedly believe in the power of education to change lives. Part of accomplishing this is showing students how critical education is and helping them develop a love for learning. To this end we support schools and individual students as much as possible. Part of this is helping to provide students with school environments that are not only conducive to learning but also inspiring, bright and joyful. 

An Incredible Surprise

At the conclusion of the 2017-2018 Cultural Exchange project that connected St. Joseph’s 8th grade class in Upland, California with the SDA elementary school in Sampa, Ghana, we had an incredible surprise. Each year the school has a fundraising day where they have a “penny war” to raise funds for a cause of their choice. That year they chose to donate all of the funds to their partner school in Ghana!! With these funds we were able to completely renovate the SDA Elementary school. From a crumbling and bleak structure it was transformed into a strong and bright place of learning!

In a letter of thanks to St. Joseph’s school for their generous contribution, the headmaster of the SDA school in Ghana sent this graphic to illustrate some of the change they enacted

The renovations included:

  • Re-cementing the floors
  • Painting the outside and inside of the school
  • Replacing/repairing water damaged ceilings 

Thank you to St. Joseph’s ’17-’18 8th grade class and everyone at St. Joseph’s school for your generosity in making this project a reality!

Together we can change the world. Today, we changed the world of one elementary school in Ghana!

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