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Expanded Primary School Wing for the Nasec Model Primary School in Sampa, Ghana


Last year, we at Change the World of One started our WorldChanger Literacy Initiative, thanks to a generous donation from our dear friends at Vivre Naturals. This is a three-phase initiative designed to sustainably promote literacy in the endemically-poor farming communities of midwestern Ghana’s Bono region. The three phases include:

  1. The establishment of a school library
  2. The implementation of school library time, and
  3. The formation of an annual ten-district-wide spelling bee.


CWOO Ghana Country Director, Mr. Ofori Aaron Atta, and students in front of the unfinished school wing
The school wing as it stands today

We started in the town of Sampa at the Nasac Model Primary School where we converted one of their rooms into a library and began stocking it with books. Every class in the school now has an allotted library time during which they get to read books and be read to by their teachers. We held our first annual WorldChanger Spelling Bee in November of 2022, which turned into a huge exciting affair for the students and their communities.

It is our plan to continue replicating this initiative throughout schools in the Bono region, and then to expand it to other rural regions in Ghana.

Photos from our District-wide spelling Bee in November 2022:

Our literacy initiative was such a success that parents are noticing a difference in their children’s education and word is spreading. Many students have transferred to the Nasac Model Primary School where we installed our first library. Due to this influx, the school had to build another wing to accommodate all of the new students. They received funding from Ghana’s Ministry of Education and even received a collection from local parents, despite it being such a financially unstable area. They used these funds to build the foundation, roof, and walls of the new structure. Though the parents are still contributing what they can, inflation is hitting Ghana very hard at the moment and they are still in need of funds to finish the wing. They need to cement the floors, finish the walls, and paint them.

At this time, classes are being conducted in the unfinished wing, though these students deserve completed classrooms that are safe, clean, and beautiful.

CWOO Ghana Country Director, Mr. Ofori Aaron Atta, and some of the Nasac School students in their new school library

Project Cost:

$1,545 US Dollars (19,000 Ghana Cedis)

Amount Funded So Far:
Of $1,545 USD 9%

We would like to extend our thanks to our friends Jean-Paul and Stephane Blanchet of Vivre Naturals for their donation of $150 towards this project. We appreciate their belief in us and our mission and that they too are dedicated to helping to change the world for the schoolchildren of Sampa!

Together, we can change the world.
Today, let's start by changing the world of one school in Ghana.