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Our Team

Jasmine Keefe


Jasmine (Staff) Keefe is CWOO’s founder and CEO. In 2015, she started Change the World of One as a way to continue and expand upon the rewarding and enriching work she loved doing in the Peace Corps. Throughout her Peace Corps service, she lived for two and a half years in a rural Ghanaian village in West Africa serving as a Natural Resources Volunteer helping and learning from the villagers. She completed 15 major projects with and for the villagers that addressed vital community needs in the sectors of agriculture, education & literacy, health, water & sanitation, and income generation. Jasmine has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Rochester with concentrations in brain & cognitive science and cultural dance. Hailing from upstate New York, she now lives on a farm in Florida with her loving and dedicated husband and two wild-hearted children. She is a writer and editor, spending her days homeschooling her children, taking care of her home and family, writing, and endeavoring to change the world of one person, one family, or one village at a time through Change the World of One.

Chase Henderson

COO & President

Charles (Chase) Henderson is CWOO’s Chief International Affairs & Donors Relations Officer and Board Secretary. He served as a Natural Resources Management Adviser in Ghana in the Peace Corps with Jasmine. He is currently a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force as a Weather Forecaster Craftsman supporting the 388th Fighter Squadron at Hill AFB in Utah. He also currently works as a Program Assistant and Data Scientist for the University of Utah Health Services. He holds an Associates in Applied Meteorology, a B.S. in Business Administration Management with a concentration in Finance and is currently working on an M.S. in Data Science with a concentration in Machine Learning.

Ofori Atta Aaron

Ghana Country Director

Ofori Aaron Atta, CWOO’s Ghana Country Director, was born in Berekum, located in the Bono region of Ghana. He holds a degree in Education and is the Headteacher at Nasac Model Primary School in Sampa. He worked intensively with Jasmine and Chase while they were in Ghana. Together, they implemented a variety of projects in the Jaman North District that addressed HIV/AIDS education, girls’ education, and helping local farmers, among others. He has been with CWOO since its beginning in 2015 and diligently carries out all projects on the ground in Ghana. Our work in Ghana would not be possible without his big heart and tireless work ethic. In 2019 and 2020 respectively, he was awarded with the prestigious awards of “Most Innovative Teacher” and “Best Primary Teacher” in the Jaman North Region. His hobbies include watching football (soccer) and helping the needy. His dream is to establish an orphanage in the future.

Norman Frendberg


As Norman says, a life well lived must contain balance. For him, this balance is primarily in the enjoyment of life and in the sharing of his time, talents, and resources with others. Norman established a successful market research company early in his career called Consumer Insights, which created a fortunate life for himself and his family. His life continues to be full of travel, learning and just having fun. The satisfaction of helping others remains as one of the focal points in his life. To this end, he has built houses for Americans in need through Habitat for Humanity and has helped to strengthen communities in Costa Rica through volunteer work with Global Volunteers. We are grateful that he is now a vital part of the Change the World of One team, assisting those in need around the world through life changing projects and global initiatives that provide crucial infrastructure and empowering education that sustainably change lives.

Together, we can change the world.
Today, let's change the world of one.