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Emmanuel’s Chicken Coop for Food Security

How does one farmer’s chicken flock change the village?

Emmanuel, a young man in Ghana, is one of the most passionate poultry farmers we have ever met. He built his pen by hand himself and cares for his birds around the clock. He even keeps the sick birds in his room at night to care for them and sits with his flock in the pen during the day to watch them and learn what makes them the healthiest and happiest they can be.

Chickens vaccinated

Change the World of One helped change the lives of a village by providing one farmer’s 200 chickens with vaccinations to keep them healthy.

What is Emmanuel’s Dream?

Emmanuel’s dream is to expand his poultry farm every year so that he can support his 7 siblings’ education and start his own family. Once his breeding stock is large enough he plans on teaching other villagers his best practices and support them in starting their own small flocks to increase food security and nutrition for their families.

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