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Shiekomblo Water Project

The value of clean water is never truly known until its absence is felt.

The Issue:

The people of the Shiekomblo area of Sampa, Ghana, are suffering from a lack of abundant potable water.

Schoolgirls carrying headpans of water on their heads

The major source of water to this area is known as the Sampa Small Water System. Unfortunately, the water flow to the Shiekomblo area is very poor, flowing for less than 30 minutes each day. This forces the families here, especially the schoolchildren and women traders and farmers, to start their daily activities late as a result of the long hours they spend collecting water each morning for their household chores. 

These women and children have to walk to neighboring areas and pay exorbitant fees to use overcrowded boreholes, often spending hours each day waiting in lines and walking with headpans full of water on their heads. Despite this drain on their time and already limited resources, this poor water supply is also a factor in the recent alarming trend of increasing cases of Typhoid Fever in the area.

Schoolchildren in a neighboring village collecting water from a typical hand-pumped borehole

Our Solution:

We here at Change the World of One would love to change the world of the people of Shiekomblo by constructing a mechanized borehole for them. This is a form of a deep well that accesses clean, pure groundwater from the earth. Most boreholes in rural Ghana are pumped by hand, which requires great effort and a lot of time. Mechanizing a borehole means hooking it up to an electric motor, so that water is accessible at the turn of a spigot. 

Jamera water project
This is our Ghana Country Director, Mr. Ofori Aaron Atta, in front of a mechanized borehole we constructed in 2019 for the villagers of Jamera, also in the Bono region of Ghana

Project Cost:

Our Ghana Country Director, Mr. Ofori Aaron Atta, is meeting with two different borehole construction companies this week to determine which one will provide the highest quality work at the best price. After his meetings, we will post the finalized budget here.

Funded so far:

Together, we can change the world. Today, let's change the world of one village in Ghana.