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How We’re Different

When Jasmine started Change the World of One soon after her Peace Corps service, many people urged her to “get some experience in the non-profit world” before starting her own. Over the course of her years living in rural Ghana, she had seen the effects of many other non-profits, charities, and NGOs however, and decided that she wanted to run her organization differently. She stayed true to her intentions and created a small organization that she felt would be the most effective, compassionate use of time and resources. To this day, Change the World of One has been a unique organization that is run with heart and mindfulness. The differences of this organization that set it apart from others have become one of its greatest strengths. They create more of an intimate and transparent experience between donors and recipients, and provide peace of mind because nothing has to be compromised. The result is a lot of successful hard work and the fact that everyone on the team loves what they do and is unashamedly heartfelt about it because it offers a deep sense of purpose.

Community-led Grassroots Approach

In order to make our efforts as meaningful, sustainable, and empowering as possible, we work cooperatively with the indigenous people in the countries we serve. Respecting and honoring the local culture is important to us, so instead of assuming what they need and just giving it to them, we sit in council with them and mindfully listen to what they have to say about the strengths, weaknesses, needs, and concerns of their community. Together, we identify the most salient issues, design a plan to address them, and implement it. Those who benefit from the projects also invest their time, talents, and resources into them so that they value what they are given and feel a sense of ownership towards what we have accomplished together. We incorporate an element of education into every project we do, so that the recipients build their own capacity while helping those around them and improving their community.

Mindful, Transparent Spending

Using every donated dollar wisely is very important to us. We know that everyone works hard for the money they earn, and that there are countless ways to spend it, so we are endlessly grateful when donors believe in our cause and contribute what they can to helping us change the world one piece at a time. To keep expenses low, we take a minimal approach to how we run our organization. Our team is very small, and everyone involved is a volunteer, selflessly devoting untold numbers of hours and years of his or her life to this cause just because we believe in helping others. Instead of spending funds on overhead expenses like offices, perks, computers, mileage, or coffee, we each work remotely from our own homes and use our own equipment. This approach allows us to use 100% of the funding donated to us entirely for our projects! Whenever you donate, you know exactly how your money is being used and you can receive photos and updates about the project and people you are helping.

Our Different Bottom Line

We here at Change the World of One are in this organization for one reason: we wish to make positive change in the world and help others. That’s it. We are a completely volunteer-led and run organization that uses 100% of our donated funding to carry out meaningful projects that change the world of one person, family, school, or village at a time. This is a way of life and a calling that we have answered and continue to answer through thick and thin. It’s all about heart for us. Heart is our bottom line.

Together, we can change the world.
Today, let's change the world a little differently.