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Maternal Health Worldwide Initiative

Every day mothers and infants die needlessly from preventable birth-related complications.

We aim to change this.

Change the World of One is dedicated to changing the world of one mother and one newborn at a time.

We work in close collaboration with businesses, other nonprofits and volunteers to deliver high impact, low cost solutions to the developing world. Our solutions are always paired with educational initiatives that assess and take into account local knowledge and practices and build upon them mindfully, using information to abolish harmful taboos and common misperceptions. This way new practices, medical devices, and training tools are adopted from a place of respect within the culture. They are implemented by team members on the ground who have an intimate understanding of and appreciation for the local culture and people. 

With heart and knowledge, our team ensures that health workers are better trained, equipped and supported to provide quality care and save mothers and babies during the natural process of birth.

Our Solution

To make the biggest impact on these critical issues facing new mothers and infants in the developing world every day, we are focusing on addressing the problem at its root with culturally sensitive education initiatives dovetailed with innovative low-tech solutions as well as traditional approaches. Our work is done with heart and guided by both cultural discernment and cutting edge creativity from some of the greatest minds in the world. 

We are currently launching this initiative in five different developing countries in disparate parts of the globe but each project is driven with the same intent, heart and anticipated outcomes – healthier mothers and healthier babies. Over time we will replicate, diversify and expand these projects to increase the scope of our reach.

1. Innovative, low-cost, high-impact medical devices

Sometimes the most effective answer to a problem is the most simple. When resources like funding, energy, materials or education are scarce, the solution needs to be something reliable, economical, durable and practical.  We have found a number of remarkably simple yet intuitive devices with incredible life-saving potential that address certain gaps in access to advanced medical resources found in the developed world. We partner with concerned individuals and healthcare providers in the U.S. who raise funds so we can bring as many of these devices as possible to those around the globe in remote impoverished areas who need them most.

2. Clean Birth Kits

This year approximately 1 million women and infants will needlessly and tragically die of infection after birth. For every woman who dies, 30 more suffer a debilitating illness or permanent disability. Many of these deaths and complications are completely preventable by providing education about sanitary birthing practices as well as materials that enable a clean birth experience.

To this end, we are partnering with an incredible organization called Worldwide Healing Hands, in order to provide clean birth kits to mothers in rural Nepal. $10 provides 5 clean birth kits to mothers in Nepal. It’s amazing how life-changing such a small amount of money can be for 5 different mothers/infant pairs.

3. Maternity Clinic Support

The Asiri Community Health and Home Maternity Clinic was founded in 2013 by our founder, Jasmine Keefe, and the residents of Asiri. This rural clinic was the answer to a terrific need in the community. Up until the doors of the new maternity clinic opened, the elderly midwife in the village delivered all of the villagers’ babies on the dirt floor of her home without a formal medical education, supporting nurses or doctors, soap, medicine, gloves or a paper product in sight. Through an apprenticeship with her, Jasmine studied traditional midwifery and discovered a way to help mothers and infants in years to come – the creation of a safe, hygienic clinic. The Asiri Community Health and Home Maternity Clinic has continued to grow and now has a fulltime OB nurse with formal medical training. As this area is remote and impoverished however, the clinic is still seriously lacking in terms of specialized equipment and furnishing. This project aims to raise funds to address this need.

We at Change the World of One are working tirelessly to end the preventable deaths of mothers and newborns around the world.

Together we can change the world. Today, let's tackle the issue of maternal and infant health.

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