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Empowering girls & women in Pakistan with self-worth, literacy, & the financial freedom that comes from mastering the valuable trade of sewing

Illiterate women in Pakistan have limited options to sustain themselves and care for their children. Instead of a life of servitude, we would like to equip them with training, a support network and the materials needed to take control of their own lives.

A small donation can change the world of countless girls and women by providing them with the tools to take charge of their own futures.

The Challenge:

Countless girls and women in the rural impoverished areas in Pakistan are illiterate. This limits their income abilities and generally relegates them to being maids, servants, donkey cart pushers or public washroom cleaners. Their children are often compelled into child labor to support the familiy. 

Problem #1: Lack of Marketable Skills

Pakistani women in poverty-stricken areas who are unable to financially support their families are trapped on the brink of survival in a life dependent upon the demeaning meager work they can find. The way out of this predicament is through education and vocational training. When a woman learns a valued trade her life and the lives of those in her care are dramatically improved. They have greater opportunity to shape their lives and make their own decisions. They are able to control the flow of food and money into the home and are able to educate their children. Empowering women thusly helps to close the gender gap and enhances economic productivity while improving development outcomes for the next generation.

Problem #2: Illiteracy & Lack of Education

Sadly, it is a common reality in the impoverished areas of rural Pakistan for young girls to forgo schooling in order to help support their families financially. Not only are they missing out on childhood, but they're also growing up without learning the basic skills of reading and writing. This limiting factor subsequently controls the course of their lives. Education is a key driver for reducing poverty, fostering economic growth, social development and achieving gender equality.

Our Plan:

We are addressing the plight of the girls and women in this rural area of Pakistan with a threefold-plan that includes vocational training and literacy education.

  • Step one: Provide Sewing Machines

    Our first goal is to provide our partnering women's organization in Pakistan with sewing machines as they will use them to train other women and girls in the art of sewing

  • Step Two: Provide Literacy Resources

    Our next goal is to also provide these women leaders the tools needed for literacy education. This includes books, writing utensils, notebooks, a chalkboard and other literacy resources.

  • Step Three: Support literacy and sewing training programs

    Once the tools are in place, learning can commence. We will assist in creating recurring workshops and training events in order to support the vocational training and general education of as many girls and women in rural Pakistan as possible so that they can build up their own self worth and take control of their financial freedom and futures.

How you can help:

  • Donate

    A little bit to us goes a long way to changing the lives of others, especially in the developing world. 100% of every donation goes directly to the project of your choice and every donation regardless of size is deeply appreciated!

  • Start a Fundraiser

    Would you like to help change the world of these villagers, but you're not in a place to donate, or you'd like to make a larger impact by leveraging your network? Starting your own fundraiser can make a huge difference! Let us know and we can provide you with a personalized fundraising package and guidance that makes the process simple so you can begin today.

  • Spread the Word

    Getting the word out about our cause helps a lot! Tell your friends and family and share this page on social media.

Project Progress:

10 Sewing Machines at $150 USD Each
Web Designer 1%
100 Books at $5 USD Each
Web Designer 1%
Literacy tools: $200 USD Each
Web Designer 1%
Workshop operational costs $200 USD
Web Designer 1%

Project Location

Toba Tek Singh


Our Project Partner

Located in Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

Joseph Foundation

A close-knit women's sewing group that aims to equip the illiterate girls and women residing in poverty-stricken areas of Pakistan with the skill of sewing.

Together, we can change the world. Today, let's change the world of countless girls & women in Pakistan.

Together we can change the world. Today let's change the world of one