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Completed: Pakistan Clean Water Project

One of our biggest efforts in 2019 was our Pakistan Clean Water Project. We were so honored to work with Hand of Hope, Barkat Ministry and Influential Missions to provide 10 water pumps and 2 toilets to the people in the villages on the outskirts of Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan.

Zoom into the Pakistan area on the map below to see some photos from each of the sites.

Who did we help?

The majority of the people who benefitted from these wells and toilets are poor minority groups. Many were Christian, which is unusual since the majority of the country is Muslim. However, there were also many Muslims, elderly, children and disabled individuals that benefited from the improved access to clean water.

Life in Pakistan

This was our first project in Pakistan, so there was a major learning curve! Although there were English-speakers among those we had exchanges with, the majority of the people we saw through videos and photos only spoke the Urdu language. The children in the local orphanages, however, were learning English and participated in a few activities to help us take a glimpse into their culture.  

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  1. Cassie Lowe

    Hi, I’m doing a college report on water and sanitation in Pakistan and could use some additional information on this project. Would someone be willing to communicate with me? Thank you

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