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Vance Lee’s Journey for a Cause

Journey for a Cause is a platform for individuals and groups who are willing to push themselves, grow, and pursue what matters to them, making direct change in the world.

Vance Lee, Musician Bikepacking Across America

On July 29th, 2019, country music artist Vance Lee embarked upon an incredible solo cross country bike-packing journey. He is currently traveling from central eastern Florida all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada, playing gigs, delivering lectures, doing meet and greets, and giving interviews along the way. He is donating the proceeds of this prodigious endeavor to his cause: the nonprofit organization Change the World of One. Track his journey here and see the change he is making all around the world!

How will his donations and proceeds be used?

Vance’s travels across the country will help support micro-projects across the globe.

A micro-project is a short-term fundraising effort to help achieve a specific aim. We have set up several micro-projects around the world that will benefit from Vance’s Journey for a Cause. Due to their nature, once the funding goals are achieved, they can be implemented quickly!

Vance is currently focused on raising money for an orphanage in Ghana so that they can have a Goat Husbandry Workshop and receive goats to establish their shared herd.

How does this help the children in the orphanage?

  • Life Skills & Responsibility
  • Food Security
  • Nutrition
  • Income Generation

Still thinking, “Why do kids need goats?” Learn more about the project here.

Follow Vance Lee’s Progress!

Click here to donate to his cause and to track where he is along his journey. 

Together we can change the world. Today, let's change the world of orphans in Ghana.

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