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Our Projects

Water Projects

Water for Pakistan

Goal Achieved!

(No further donations are being accepted for this initiative.)

The villagers of Chak 324 JB in rural Pakistan must walk 5-7 kilometers every day to collect clean water. Pollution of their local water source is a critical issue they face constantly with dire consequences. Our goal is to install 10 water pumps and 2 public latrines and hand-washing stations in the community.


Ghana Maternity Clinic

The Asiri Community Health and Home Maternity Clinic was founded in 2013 by our founder, Jasmine Keefe, and the residents of Asiri. As this area is remote and impoverished, the clinic is still seriously lacking in terms of specialized equipment and furnishing. This project aims to raise funds to address this need.

Nepal Safe Birth Kits

We are partnering with an incredible organization called Worldwide Healing Hands, in order to provide clean birth kits to mothers in rural Nepal. $10 provides 5 clean birth kits to mothers in Nepal. It’s amazing how life-changing such a small amount of money can be for 5 different mothers/infant pairs.


Goats for Youth Development

We will fund a hands-on goat care workshop and provide the orphanage with a small group of goats to start their herd. During the workshop, they will learn about goat housing, fencing, feeding, grooming, health issues, natural care of goats, breeding, kidding/birthing, raising kids, trimming hooves, and more.

Periodic Revolution

Goal Achieved!

(No further donations are being accepted for this initiative.)

We are partnering with an incredible organization called RubyCup to provide local girls and women in Nepal and Ghana with menstruation education through a series of small workshops with a fun, secure atmosphere where all questions are welcome and open dialogue is encouraged. Each girl will be provided with reusable menstrual cups and resources to help them safely manage their cycles. Through education, we’re going to break the stigma!


Adopt a Project: Help Establish a Masonry Business in Ghana

In addition to providing the Mfodwo family with a secure income, this will also provide a local supply source for building materials, which will reduce the need for local residents to travel out of town for supplies. Reducing travel helps with environmental protection efforts by lowering carbon emissions. It also keeps money within the community which will help stimulate further economic opportunities for other residents!