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Areas of Focus

Our Project Focuses:

Change the World of One is dedicated to carrying out projects that can have a sustainable community-level impact. Even projects done on a smaller scale (where we assist a single individual) are designed to have community benefits. In a case like that, they make the commitment to educate their peers and community leaders with the new skills and knowledge they receive. 

  • Water

    Access to clean water is a fundamental human need and, therefore, a basic human right. Clean water remains out of the reach for many people around the world.

  • Education & Literacy

    Everyone should have access to education which includes literacy, along with basic math and general life skills. Basic education is critical to individual and economic development, political stability and plays an important role in improved health, human rights and gender equity.

  • Healthcare

    Communities should be able to have access to basic healthcare needs. Basic healthcare allows people to reach their potential, provide for their families and works to break the cycle of poverty and poor health.

  • Environmental Conservation

    Earth's different ecosystems provide us with water, soil, food, energy, and clean air. Protecting our natural resources and the animals that live there is necessary for the survival and well-being of humans. Diverse ecosystems are good for everyone. And our protection ensures that they'll be around to benefit and enrich the lives of future generations.

  • Income Generation

    Communities should have the tools, knowledge and skills to develop and maintain a wage that can support their family and improve their way of life.