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Change the World of One is recognized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization!

For years, we’ve been slowly changing the world for others… 

so we are thrilled to now be officially recognized for the work that we are doing by receiving the federal designation as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. This will open up more opportunities for our organization so that we can make an even bigger impact!

How does this change things?

The biggest change is that your donations to Change the World of One are now tax-deductible. That’s great news for anyone who wants to give to one of our causes, regardless of if they’re an individual or a business!

Founders of Change the World of One. From the left, Kayla King and Jasmine Keefe.

Did you know?

You might be able to DOUBLE your donation (for free)!

If you make a donation, your workplace may be willing to make a matching donation! Be sure to ask your employer what their employee donation policies are. If you work for a large business, there’s a high probability that they offer something as part of your employee benefits. Only a few minutes of your time could turn a $100 donation into a $200 donation!

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